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Accounts Review & Evaluation


WARNING… Choosing the right accountant for your business can mean the difference between success and failure!

Surprisingly, many business owners in Singapore are not carefully considering their business needs when selecting accounting personnel. That is because many people who not have a strong accounting background perceive all accountants as being equal. They choose a junior accountant to manage their finances.

But the reality is that all accountants are not created equal!

It is important that your accounting function and the financial report are complied with all statutory requirements, defined under the Companies Act, the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards, ACRA, GST and Tax Authority.

This helps you to get rid of the messy accounts, pile of obsolete stocks, bad debts and poor documentation. With proper internal controls, it safeguards your interest and assets. Eventually you have no worries on the possibility that you might face the investigation from statutory boards on GST or Income Tax. In long term, you save time, money and effort by engaging an experienced accountant to advise on the financial health, business risk and overall well being of the company.

The least you can do is engaged a CA to review your accounts to ensure your accounts and finances are in order.